There is One Who Loves You

If you start asking questions like "Who am I, where did I come from, what is the meaning of life?", the answer you receive is, "Are you crazy!". People would not assume that normal people also question the meaning of life.
But always do renew yourself. Bring a new person out of you . Make a fresh start. Every new day is a door to a new world for you! Your questions are waiting for an answer. Untie them! Solving them means relaxing. Very few people can afford being themselves. If you want to be different, be yourself!
Important features of the book
  • Explains that thinking is the basic value that makes us human.
  • Emphasizes that the most important method to obtain information is to ask questions.
  • It is a guide for understanding youth problems and the world of young people.
  • Improves critical thinking skills.
Meaningful and emotional books
160 pages