Omer Sevincgul decided to become a writer at the age of fifteen. He continued his passion for writing throughout high school and university. First he was an editor at a private institution, followed by a career in  engineering at a public institution. After his resignation in nineteen ninety-six he decided to embark on a new chapter in his life focused on culture, art, and publishing. He founded and managed various different institutions such as Morale Cultural Center, Adı Yok Magazine, Radio Active, and Taksim Office. Within these institutions, he focused on working closely together with young and talented individuals. He has led art and philosophy conversations in the media,  seminars both at home and abroad, and consulted in both national and international youth projects. Most recently, he has focused his efforts on an original pioneering initiative: Carpe Diem Books. Signing days and school activities followed one another, but the core of what he’s done has always been surrounded the motto of a “passion for writing". He has written twenty-eight books in the novella genre, with his works translated and published in five languages. “He who writes with his heart writes to the heart” he says and therefore he writes to 'fresh souls'.

Writer's English Books
There is One Who Loves You

The Eternal Life Awaits You

Enjoyable Philosophy - Master Philosophers

Life is Beautiful When One Loves 

Listen to Your Heart! 

Only You Understand Me

Mervin - Search, and You Will Find Me

Mervin - Liberation from Captivity 

Everything Waits For Its Moment! 

Writer's Turkish BooksMervin - Esaretten KurtuluşAnne Neden Kedilerin Elleri Yok?Her Yerde Seni AradımYazar Olmak İstiyorumBeni Yalnız Sen AnlarsınHayal GezginiSonsuz Hayat Seni BekliyorSana Yeni Bir Dünya GerekHer Şey Ânını BeklerKulluğum SultanlığımdırŞiraz ve ŞehzadeBir Gizli Hazine idimTabula Rasa-Keyifli FelsefeCarpe Diem-Keyifli Felsefe

Writer's German Books

Es gibt "Jemanden", der dich liebt!Du brauchst eine neue WeltOhne dich, aber doch mit dir Und dann kam er

Writer's Arabic Books

Bosnian and Albanian Books
Ja, Kjo Eshte Jeta